Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Parks & Recreation

Right, so to cut a long story short - I (Royden) recently lost all of my life's work, all of my pictures and videos and articles and whatnot. It's extremely depressing. However data recovery did manage to pull together a folder full of old skating footage filmed over the last 4 years, albeit nothing else, so I decided to throw together a mega montage of all the boys doing their thing before I inevitably lose everything all over again. 
There's footage in Chester, Sheffield, Nottingham, Manchester, London, Hereford, Cardiff, Swansea, Liverpool, Ellesmere Port, Shrewsbury and probably even more weird and wonderful places that I can't recall. A lot of it has never seen the light of day, some of it has, but all of it is boss. The filming is poor, often horrendous, but the tricks are not. The editing is minimal, almost laughable, but who cares. There's even a section of jolly japes in there at the end just as a little treat for the people who manage to watch it all.

Featuring (in order of appearance) Danny Cartwright, David Appleton, Si Davies, Billy Trick, Welsh Tommy, Sean Kay, Will Berry, Harry Young, Grant Peacock, Jared Squires, Joe Hough, Paul Cain, Andy Johnson, Owain John, Charlie Birch, James Grindley, Rich Armitage, Mikey Wright, and Jordan Sharkey.

Hope you enjoy it anyway but if you don't I'm not really arsed.

[This is where I would put a load of accompanying photographs but I don't have any because technology is an arsehole.]

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Danny C 'Grow Up' section Remix

Here is a short clip of Danny, including some of the clips from his part in "Grow Up", along with some more recent footage from a trip to London with Furr Skateboards. Big thanks to Pedro for supplying clips.

The full "Grow Up" will be out on DVD when Owain can get around to sending it off to get produced!

Ollie up to bs flippers in the capital. Photo: Royden

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Thursday Club

Winter, mate, grim init? 6 days of the week are wet and the other one is cold enough to make your pecker pretty much invisible. So street stuff is kind of on hold, sessions happen but it's far too inconsistent- the logical solution to the problem being a weekly session at Ramp 1 skatepark in Warrington- it's much more interesting than skating the flat at Deeside at least. 
'Thursday Club' started happening over Christmas and hasn't showed any sign of stopping, so after just one month of the year there's an edit for you already. Come down next week for a roll with the boys and to get your helmet signed by everyone's favourite pro mountain conqueror David Appleton.

Featuring Ian Williams, Winny, Matty Thomas, Danny Cartwright, Dave Appleton, Phil Williams and Andy Johnson.

Phill Williams- Nollie Hardflip. Photo: Royden

DC- Varial Heel. Photo: Royden

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Boneyard quick clips

Appleton, Cartwright & Owain headed down to the yard on sunday & smashed out some clips for your eager eyes. It's worth watching even if just for the music. Vibes.

Filmed & edited by Owain

Monday, 22 December 2014

Get Buck 2

We're back after what feels like a lifetime! And it just so happens that it's been a whole year since we started the juxfam blog for all to see! HAPPY BIRTHDAY US!!!! 
To celebrate here is Owain's most recent collection of footage in the form of the second Get Buck video. It consists of a load of off cuts, throwaways, and left over clips from the upcoming full length VX team video 'Grow Up' coming very soon!!!
Consider yourselves teased!

Owain filming a DC line through Chester

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Royden X Generic Greeting

You may or may not be aware that I (Royden) recently started a photography project titled 'Sketchy' in collaboration with some illustrators- namely Mike Howard, Chris Alliston, and the two boys from Generic Greeting; Will Berry and Kidmilk. We created a fun series of images depicting skaters doin' skating with some rad drawings on top of them. It was exhibited at 2022 in Manchester for 6 weeks, and it was pretty cool- a great thing to be a part of, I'm sure I'll get the work up on here at some point but for now we've got this little gem for you.

While we were working on 'Sketchy' we thought that maybe it'd be a good idea to do some funky arty shit onto some video footage instead of just sticking with still images, so I hooked Kidmilk up with a few clips I had filmed over the last few months and he did his mad tech thing over it, creating this surreal colourful world for the boys to go skate in. Turned out 'aaaiight!

Generic Greeting have their own project on the go at the moment, designing and decorating the interior of Projekts skatepark AKA the Pumpcage in Manchester - if you don't know of it, where the hell have you been for the last decade?! But anyway, there'll be a opening night/exhibition/print fair/skate session/beer downing/general gathering of homies on Thursday 20th of November, and I'm MEGA stoked to announce that the Sketchy images will be up in the cafe. MEGA STOKED. So come down and lets skate & film & laugh & appreciate the genuinely tight bond between skating and artwork. 
Here's the event page:


Saturday, 16 August 2014

DTF Vol 3

Hi guys! Been a while hasn't it? Well all for good reason, the lads have been busy little bees stacking up tape after tape of footage to go towards Owain's full movie, fair to say that's going to be an interesting one!
But in the mean time here is his latest 'Deeside Training Facility' clip made up of footage from over the past couple of months- in the mean time Sharkey's ankle has broken and healed again which was pretty rubbish but hopefully he'll be back before you know it! Enjoy!

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Introducing Furr Skateboards

Strictly speaking, this isn't a JUX project, but we've every reason to be proud of it. Our own Danny Cartwright (you may have heard of him) is a team rider for the new company from South Wales and his opening part in this promo video really sets things up nicely.
The brand itself is run by a few really sound lads with a quality work ethic and a great ethos, focusing a 'do it yourself' attitude to the design and creation of their products- collaborating with photographers and artists and ultimately making everything themselves. You can read and see more from those guys (and photo's by Royden) in their interview with Caught in the Crossfire, or on the website.
We went down to Swansea recently for the opening jam at Exist Skatepark- a session that became a really sick weekend shredding with the team, who showed us an incredible spot and took us for a beer or 20 afterwards too... I'll leave out the stories of one of the boys sleeping on the pavement outside the club following 20 minutes of piano playing and influencing an entire bar to spontaneously break out into Abba and Queen classics, but needless to say it was a highlight. That and some real hearty laughs.
Back to the edit though, and as promo video's go, this one is an absolute pearler. Footage was sent from all over the country for Owain to put together, to show off a little bit of what each of these riders is capable of. Having the likes of Welsh Tommy, Mikey Wright, and Sam Austin on a team is always going to do wonders for a company so when you throw them all into the mix with our mate DC something special happens.
So yeah, with Danny involved in front of the lens, and Owain, little Joe, and Royden involved behind it, we're pretty pleased with how this one's turned out. Hope you all enjoy it.

Most of the Furr team @ Exist
DC varial heel over the set & stoppers. ph: Royden

Monday, 26 May 2014

Sharkey's Street edit

A few weeks ago, we posted a video edited by Alan Glass aka PixelsTV featuring a few 'RAW' bangers from our little ripper Jordan Sharkey... The problem with that was that none of us really gave a fuck about what Pixels wanted to do with that little RAW footage, what with it being dead RAW and that, filmed at RAW spots and RAW scratches on the lens... 
The real party is (and was always going to be) right here- in Sharkey's full street part, filmed and edited by Mr Owain John with contributing footage from Royden. Featuring all of the best footage from the last year, single clips, lines and bails, after travelling far and wide to hit p weird and wonderful spots (that are proper RAW), the lads have put their heart and soul into getting this finished. My days what a treat it is too; six minutes worth of chillers, spillers, hammers, and mind blowers, there's no way you can just watch it once.

First try kickflip over the rail in Rhyl. Photo: Greeny
A proper no comply in Liverpool. Photo: Royden - 35mm film

Sunday, 25 May 2014

In motion

I'm loving this one. Danny Owain and Joe filmed a few more lines whilst chillin' at the Deeside training facility and made a little short edit with a rad concept. Perfectly timed editing blends all the tricks together to make one massive line that is a real treat on the eyes. Well played boys!

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Car Park Chronicles

Dave's camera is back from the hospital! Which means twice the amount of VX1 goodness to feast your eager eyes upon. Sony Montana came out to play again in full working order- sound and all- on an extremely soggy evening in Chester, as the skies lit up with electricity. Danny and Dave found themselves undercover at the classic yellow level spot at the multistory car park and thrashed out a load of lines and shit around the mostly vacant vehicle storage area. It looks like Danny got some new shoes too, I don't know, check his instagram.

I don't think anyone took any pictures though, so in case you're unsure- this is what a car park looks like courtesy of google images...
A car park. Just a car park. Where you park cars and film Chronicles

Monday, 19 May 2014

Parklife 2013

Ready for summer yet? Hyped to bag up some footage? Here's a little 2 minute taster of what went down around parks last summer, featuring a load of throwaway clips that never got used... we've already bagged up a load of tricks for this years edit, so keep your eyes peeled for some fresh edits & if you see us out & about, come get involved!


Anyone who's ever skated with Si will know that the guy has one of the most unique styles around. He also has an impeccable ability to keep everyone on the session fully hyped up and there is never a dull moment when he's pushing his wood with you.
So Dave, James Harbridge and Si went down to a secret DIY spot to bust out some clips at dusk and it turned out to be quite a productive session- who'd have thought you could get a whole edit done on just one home made quarter pipe and an abandoned tractor trailer? 
As the BBQ sizzled away Mr Davies came up with some truly ridiculous maneuvers which I'm sure will never be repeated on this spot again! Feast your eyes!
Mega props to those who built the ramp too... you know who you are! And I swear if anyone asks where it is I'll give you a slap myself.

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Forecast: 5 lines

Last year Danny fired out a few ridiculous combinations for Forecast Magazine (they're rad- check 'em out at Not entirely sure how this one slipped through the net and avoided the blog, better late than never though, and always worth another viewing. Bangerrrrzzzz!

Sharkey's clips finally see the light of day!

Feels like years that we've been harping on about how ridiculously silly this video is and how excited we all are for you lot to see it. Well, here ya fuckin' go. Owain has been a real trooper in bagging up footage and Sharkey has been an absolute monster to pull it all off. There's genuinely some mind boggling trickery in this one- I'd advise multiple viewings if only to contemplate which where and what is switch, nollie, backside, frontside, back to front or occasionally up side down.
It's about time the lad got some proper exposure, "about time" being a fitting descriptive; despite Jord only being 17 it feels like this has been a very very long time coming... there's no doubt you'll be seeing this boy cropping up all over the show in the not so distant future.
The original full edit is around 6 minutes long and features more lines, slams, chillers, and fillers, but the boys at Real Skateboards wanted a raw, fast, banger upon banger of an edit for a more punchy effect. So very graciously Owain sent the clips off to Alan Glass for the mini-edit, COULD HAVE BEEN A BIT MORE GRATEFUL THOUGH MATE. Are we arsed there's a scratch on the lens? NO. The spots are a bit sketchy? This is the UK, it's all sketchy. But anyway, enjoy this little eye opener of a video, the rest of the clips are coming just around the corner.
It won't be long before there are some publications cropping up so let's keep this chilled. This vid is truly one for the boys to be proud of, regardless of whoever decides to put their branding on it. Well played fellas. JUXFAM. 

True gentleman. Photo: Royden

Monday, 28 April 2014

Double D's


The lads have been at it again down at Ellesmere Port's Whitby Park. Dave & Danny managed to smash out a ton of VX2 footage in about an hour and a half before the rains came- thrashing around popping things out on every ramp in the park (sometimes all in the same line) and doing it with steeeeeeeeeeeeeeez too! Enjoy!

Dave & Danny popping the driveway ~ Photo: Royden

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Cerveza, por favor - Juxfam in Barcelona

Words by David Appleton. 
All credit for photographs goes to Alx Green. Cheers mate.

 After a winter of unforgiving rain, wind and freezing temperatures, a couple of the Jux lads embarked on a trip to Barcelona. Armed with Owain John's Sony VX2100 and Alx Green's always on point photography skills, Danny Cartwright, Si Davies, Alx Green and Dave Appleton set out on a mission to fully document the trip and come back with stacks of footage in order to produce the crews first BCN video shot entirely on VX/Mini DV. 

Day One, April 1st, 10:00:
The Lads assembled at Liverpool John Lennon Airport at 10am, ready to catch the 11:30 flight to El Prat, Barcelona. After knocking back a few beers and a full english each, as well as Dave's purchase of a Barcelona football shirt in true tourist style, we boarded our budget Ryan Air flight and jetted off to sunny Catalonia.

Arriving at approximately 2pm local time, we flew through customs and flagged down a taxi soon as possible. After Danny's attempt of a Spanish accent requesting the taxi take us to "Parel-lel" and some confusion with the driver who didn't seem to clock onto his native tongue, we were racing down the motorway, Dave and Greeny snapping away at the buildings along the way and Si stoked over being in a foreign land for only the second time. We arrived at the apartment, got checked in rapidly, set up the boards and were out again within the hour; heading directly to the beach. 

From then on we spent the evening and into the night skateboarding along the beach front againt the backdrop of a setting sun, hitting up all the beach spots, grabbing a few Estrelle's and stacking clips on clips. After the first nights skate we had already filled sixty minutes worth of footage, predominantly on a steep bank/wallride that got well and truly rinsed by the crew. 

Thursday, 17 April 2014


You know how it is- you go skating loads & loads and gather a tonne of footage to be distributed left right & centre for sections, full parts, welcome videos, sponsor reels & edits for the hell of it... and there's always a load of extra stuff that sits there fully ready to go, excited to be released unto the anticipating eyes of the public.
Well, after about a year of collecting clips, Owain's team video is finally ready to go. There's stuff from all the lads all over the place, a crazy noseslide by Andy, some rolling around in old derelict garden centres, loadsa lines by Owain, silly stuf from Sharkey that'll make you pull a well confused face, team trip to Sheffield, and a section from Danny that's just proper all-round proper sound. And as if that's not enough, there's a cameo appearance from Royden who teaches a lesson in how not to film skateboarding.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Only Built 4 Mancunian Linx

Only built 4 Mancunian Linx from JUX on Vimeo

Edit number two from Appleton and his aptly named "Sony Montana" is fresh outta the blocks. Seems like there's a lot of time being spent in Manchester the last couple of weeks- this time at Projekts where lines were flowing for a chilled evening session. Dave's editing style is dope too, old school film & game footage with Vx1000 is a class combination.
Sony Montana ~ Photo: Appleton

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Route 1 Jam

Jux @ Beast Ramps Route1 Jam from JUX on Vimeo.

A few of the boysies went up to Manchester for the Route One jam a couple of weeks back. The intention was to film loadsa clips and shoot loadsa photos but in the end little Joe broke his arm trying some mad trickery the day before the jam, which meant I [Royden] was responsible for bagging up the footage of everyone, which meant I didn't get many photos which was kinda disappointing. As well as that, there was the slight issue of waiting around for Sharkey to take his driving test before heading off- or so we thought, until we got the call saying "Yeah fuck that, I can take a driving test whenever- I wanna go skating, lets go now"... Sound by us mate.
It turned out to be a day of Sharkey saying "Oi film this" every 30 seconds and Danny just skating about all over the place... Dave got a couple of sick little stunts and I got the long lens on just in time to catch a few bangers down the set. Good times. 
Excuse the amateur editing & filming techniques- this is the first time I've been fully responsible for a vid.

Alyn ~ Photo: Royden

Danny ~ Photo: Royden